Embedded System Designs

Embedded OS (Linux, OpenEmbedded/Yocto, Android, RTOSes: FreeRTOS, NuttX, etc.)

Hardware and network communication protocols: USART/UART, I2C, SPI, MIPI DSI/CSI, Ethernet, LVDS

Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and protocol design and implementation (COAP, MQTT, DTLS, etc)

Embedded security services (threat modeling, cryptography, etc

Validation and verification

Wifour Technologies Inc

Inter-Disciplinary Engineers & Consultants

VOIP Development Services

Software Design Services provide enterprise and small business solutions from design and development to implementation and support. This includes front-end, middle-tier components  and back-end databases. Foreseeing the Next Generation software designs and services – we help drive application transformation with our expertise in Enterprise Mobility, Business Intelligence, Cloud & Big Data

Software Development

Deep experience across multiple embedded platforms (ARM Cortex M series, ARM64/aarch64, Intel x86-64, Microchip)

Custom device driver design and implementation (Linux or microcontroller or otherwise)

Video- and audio-rate (or higher), low-latency DSP algorithms

Multi-threaded applications and data processing

Rapid prototyping

Embedded Software Services

At VoIP integration we focus on the design, implementation and development of Unified Communications solutions and software tools to make installing and managing Cisco, Avaya & Asterisk systems. Our software development team are here to help you bridge the gaps that the out of the box solutions just can't fill. 

Our skills in deploying VOIP systems along with our in-house software developers and programming knowledge give you the advantage when you need a solution outside of the standard simple installation.

We have extensive experience developing custom VoIP, Call Center, IVR, XML and IP Phone Service applications. Examples include :

  • Automated Bus & Train Schedule Telephone System
  • Medical Appointment Reminder Systems 
  • School Truancy Notification Systems 
  • Online Banking Systems 
  • Self Service Telephone Based Password Resets
  • TV & Radio Station Phone Silence Systems
  • International distributed VOIP systems
  • Automatic paging and dialers